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Inclusive Children's Games

At Jumbo we develop inclusive spaces that facilitate social coexistence. That is why we have developed inclusive children's games that are ideal for promoting recreational activities for everyone.

  • Inclusive Swing with Plastipanel Lounger (CP-316 DC)

    SKU: COL-IN-03-00
  • Inclusive Castle Module (MTC-121 DC)

    SKU: EOS-IN-03-00
  • Inclusive Indiana Module (EOS-1210 7.0 DC)

    SKU: EOS-IN-04-00
  • Maine Inclusive Module (EOS-1612 7.0 DC)

    SKU: EOS-IN-05-00
  • Milwuakee Inclusive Module (EOS-2412 10.0 DC)

    SKU: EOS-IN-01-00
  • Inclusive Urban Module (EOS-418 DC)

    SKU: EOS-IN-02-00
  • Go Up and Down with FV Seats (SB-5DC)

    SKU: SUB-IN-01-00
  • Up and Down for Wheelchair (SBP-147DC)

    SKU: SUB-IN-02-00