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Benches for public spaces

At Jumbo we are manufacturers specialized in Benches and Urban Furniture that can be installed in parks, schools, shopping centers and all types of public spaces that require this product. That is why we offer you durable and best quality materials.

We have a wide variety of benches that adapt to the needs of each public space. So your outdoor areas will have the furniture they require.

  • 2 Columbus Aria (MGA-220)

    SKU: COL-00-01-00
  • Akier Bank (MUA-1013)

    SKU: BAN-LP-04-00
  • Banca Alpes (MUA-512)

    SKU: BAN-00-07-00
  • Barcena Bank (MUA-317)

    SKU: BAN-PM-07-00
  • Banca Bozz

    SKU: MUA-G120
  • Historic Center Bench with Plastimadera (MUA-132B PLAST)

    SKU: BAN-PM-10-00
  • Circular Banking (MUA-519)

    SKU: BAN-LP-06-00
  • Circular Bench with Seat (MGA-2021 B)

    SKU: BAN-00-10-00
  • Junko Circular Bench (MUP-321)

    SKU: BAN-MA-01-00
  • Circular Planter Bench (MUP-421)

    SKU: BAN-MA-02-00
  • Banca Circular Rolled (MGA-2021 C)

    SKU: BAN-00-11-00
  • Banking with Profiles (MUA-619)

    SKU: BAN-00-04-00