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What do we solve?

At Jumbo Products we transform spaces through the design, manufacture and marketing of high-quality outdoor gyms and urban equipment , generating projects of high social value, safe and sustainable that combine innovation with accessibility to improve the quality of life of the community.

Who do we sell to?

We offer solutions to governments, schools, real estate projects and private sector companies . Learn about some of the projects equipped and designed thanks to our experts in comprehensive projects .

About us?

Jumbo Products is a company that manufactures and markets children's games.

We have more than 50 years offering solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients, transforming space through accessibility, inclusion and architectural design to generate projects with high social value.


Learn about our wide variety of solutions for urban equipment and furniture for public areas.

  • Módulo Brick

    SKU: EOS-00-03-00
  • 50th Anniversary Module

    SKU: EOS-IX-02-00
  • Módulo Madera A

    SKU: EOS-MA-01-00
  • Ejercitador Caminadora Medium

    SKU: EJE-EM-04-00
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Purpose and commitment

At Productos Jumbo we want to be your allies and together promote the development of spaces of high social cultural value . We are committed to being an agent of change willing to solve the challenges that each project presents, favoring integration and human development.

We are members of

ANPR Mexico
ASTM International

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