Public space is home to thousands of people who can be generators of garbage. Therefore, it is required that during the planning of a park or any outdoor space, special attention be paid to trash cans to maintain cleanliness and health. This implies having the appropriate equipment for the correct management of the waste we produce while enjoying public space.

Parks need to take responsibility and provide their visitors with easy access to trash cans. This helps make the general maintenance of the space a simpler and more manageable matter, and it is also possible to keep recreational and sports areas cleaner and more tidy. This applies to other spaces such as linear parks, central esplanades, squares, baseboards, shopping centers and schools, etc.

It is of utmost importance to equip the public space not only with adequate containers, but also with the appropriate quantity, for this reason we will share some aspects that expose the importance of garbage cans, we invite you to consult our catalog of urban equipment here where you will find the best container options to include in public space projects.

What should a trash can have?

  • Garbage cans should be covered to prevent the invasion of insects that can generate pests, as well as reduce bad odors.
  • Trash can liners help control leaks and odors.
  • There is a risk that if garbage is left loose and uncovered, it could catch fire. Often scattered materials such as paper pile up around the trash can area, and that is a latent risk.

outdoor trash cans for recycling

Help the environment with Trash Cans

Jumbo Products garbage containers are made with resistant materials such as stainless steel, plastic, wood, among others, and are distinguished by their effective design proposal that facilitates their location in public spaces.

These are created for use both indoors and in public spaces with the appropriate shape and design to match your use.

To facilitate handling, some larger containers are equipped with rollers, wheels or platforms as well as special lids. The lids can be folding, removable lids, circular, square, rectangular or ventilated for different use options. This is so that the streets are kept in optimal condition and reflect health, collective or personal responsibility.

park trash cans

The wide variety of Trash Cans manufactured by Jumbo are characterized by the quality it offers in optimal control and management of waste in common areas. These are designed to ensure the containment and processing of waste.

Special trash cans to encourage recycling activity are increasingly required, which allows increasing the implementation of recycling programs within a family, company and unconsciously promoting people to recycle their waste so that the path is maintained. public in good condition to attract tourists, investors, etc.